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D​o you know??

  • Infographic is one of the best ways to drive more targeted traffic for your website?
  • Creating a quality infographic can give you hundreds of white hat quality backlink for your website!
  • Google love infograohics and pay extra attention to a website which has great infographic.

If you are familiar with the recent hypes, you know as a marketer that the world is shifting towards image and video. Don't believe? Think about the last content based article that you saw gone viral? Now think about the images and videos that you have seen in last 24 hours on your facebook newsfeed or Instagram/SnapChat. It is the perfect time to take advantages of Infographic and make your site go sky high!

★★★ Smart Marketers Club Presents ★★★

Premium Infographic Creation and Submission Service

What We Offer??

  • Brilliantly designed Infographic (nice and clean look)
  • 100% white level Infographic with your brand's logo and color
  • Stock images and premium icons on Infographic
  • All versions of files (png, jpg, ai/psd)
  • 7-10 days delivery on members area
  • Free revision credit available on all packages!
  • Upto 15 FREE Infographic submission on high quality blogs/image submission sites (DA 10+)


Best For Starter

  • Upto 10 elements
  • 100% white level
  • 1 free revision credit
  • TAT upto 10 days
  • Free ai/psd file
  • 5 infographic submission


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Best For Business

  • Upto 30 elements
  • 3 free revision credits
  • TAT upto 7 days
  • Priority support
  • Free ai/psd file
  • 15 infographic submission


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Best For Grow up

  • Upto 20 elements
  • 2 free revision credits
  • TAT upto 8 days
  • Priority support
  • Free ai/psd file
  • 10 infographic submission


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How To Order?? 


Phase 1: Process Order & Submit Copy

  • Select you package and process the order
  • After completing the order, create a support ticket and let us know that, how you are thinking to execute this. Any example that you like, can always help us to understand your test. Also send us your website logo, url and the copy/text of elements.

Phase 2: Designing

  • After completing phase the task above, just wait. We will back to you and confirm your order. And we will assign a designer to handle your order. We will contact you via the support ticket if we need any information from you. So, make sure you check it regular basis.

Phase 3: Rivision & Finalization

  • Within a week, you will get back to you with a draft of your infographic. If you want to do any minor change on it, you can tell that to us on this time. After final delivery we will not be able to change anything on it.

Phase 4: Delivery & Promotion

  • We'll arrange the final delivery of your order, within 48-72 hrs from your final confirmation.


Honestly speaking we have a small group of designer to handle these orders. And we are really not capable to handle hundreds of orders at a time. As soon as we get enough order for each week, we'll close our door. After completing the previous orders, we will open our doors again. This is how we work and maintain the quality.

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= Frequently Asked Questions =

1. Can you do the infographic research & copy?

Yes of course, we can. There is a research & copy add on for just $15 in the cart page. You tell us what you want the infographic topic to be and we will conduct online research for information and stats available in the public domain. One of our writers will then take this research and put it into a compelling infographic brief ready to be designed. You will be sent the copy to revise of course before we get started on the design.

2. What if I don't like my infographic?

If you chose the silver infographic design package you are allowed 1 design revision; if you chose gold infographic design package you are allowed 2 design revision and If you choose platinum infographic design package you are allowed 3 design revision. We also supply editable PSD file for all of our infographic design packages.

3. Why is your infographic design service so cheap?

It’s simple. We deal with volume from over 100 marketing agencies in 6 different countries. We have extremely streamlined processes which helps us keep the costs down and pass those savings onto you.

4. Will I get the same level of involvement as high end infographic design services like

No. Our service is designed to be hands off and hassle free which is favorable for marketers. You simply tell us the infographic title and concept, provide us with your stats/brief (or we can do this research) and then we get on with the design without any further input. No meetings or long telephone design briefings needed! We supply fully editable AI/PSD file, if you purchase any of our infographic design package. We also offer free revision credit on all of our packages.

5. What length are the infographics?

The length is determined by the number of stats or informational paragraphs you’d like including in the design. For our basic package you are allowed up to 10 and for premium designs you are allowed up to 20. See our examples tab for a better idea on design lengths.

6. How long does it take for you to design an infographic?

Upto 7-10 days. Depends on the package you are going to purchase. If you are going to buy silver infographic design package, that TAT is upto 10 days. Similarly, for gold infographic design package, TAT is upto 8 days and for platinum infographic design package TAT is 7 days.

7. What happens after I place my order?

You will need to create a support ticket from the members area and let us know the details about your infographic execution idea. Then, a support manager will review your order and will response you to clarify what will happen next.

8. How can I create an embed code for my infographic?

You can use this tool to generate embed code: